Youth UnleashED student and Teach Our Children parents Leaders hold press conference to address school bus and children pedestrian safety after an 8 yr old was found unresponsive on a school bus and passed away the next day  

Youth UnleashED student and Teach Our Children parents Leaders testified before Connecticut lawmakers regarding college or technical school readiness support for youth

Teach Our Children Parent Leaders weigh in on Superintendent Garth Harries Evaluations

Youth Unleashed student leader joined a cafeteria worker and community leaders in a presentation at the Yale Sustainable Food Symposium in October 2013. Highlights from their presentation are captured in this brief video: http://vimeo.com/83437449.?temp-new-window-replacement=true

Youth UnleashED student leaders launch School Safety Campaign. Teach Our Children parents Leaders launch New Haven's first School Transportation Safety Committee 


New Student Voice For Reform Unleashed (May 2, 2011) New Haven Independent

Teachers Teach the New Math (November 2, 2009) New Haven Independent
Mayo Extends Olive Branch (October 29, 2009) New Haven Independent
Tensions Rise Over Translation Services (October 28, 2009) New Haven Register
School Board Makes Mom Cry (October 27, 2009) New Haven Independent
City Chief Walks Out of Parent Meeting (October 21, 2009) New Haven Register
Translation: No Progress Made (October 20, 2009) New Haven Independent
Spanish Speaking Parents Want Translators (October 13, 2009) CBS News
Lost in Translation (October 13, 2009) NBC News
Parents: Schools Still Short on Translators (October 14, 2009) New Haven Independent
School Board Meeting Protested (October 14, 2009) Yale Daily News
Photo by Cora Lewis of the Yale Daily News.
Parents Group Wants In on School Reform Plan (August 4, 2009) New Haven Independent
School Board Reviews New Discipline Code (May 18, 2009) New Haven Register
Parents Applaud New School Conduct Code (May 15, 2009) New Haven Independent
Protesters choose jail site to decry ‘school-to-prison pipeline’(February 10, 2009) New Haven Register
School Reformers Press Ahead, “Politically” (February 26, 2009) New Haven Independent

Dad Goes to the Top, Gets Results (January 29, 2008) New Haven Independent
Photo by Allan Appel of the New Haven Independent
Son Gets Pills; Suspension Policy Targeted (February 11, 2008) New Haven Independent
Campaign for Recess Mounts (February 11, 2008) New Haven Independent
Parents Want Say On Suspensions (February 26, 2008) New Haven Independent
Mayo Appears at Parent Activists’ Meeting (April 27, 2008) New Haven Register
Parents Confront Mayo (April 28, 2008) New Haven Independent

“Parent Power” Hits The Park (July 16, 2007) New Haven Independent
Parents Rally Against New School Board Rules (August 27, 2007) New Haven Independent
Parents, School Board Battle Over Policy (August 28, 2007) New Haven Independent
A “Very Cool” Encounter (November 28, 2007) New Haven Independent
So Long, Recess. Hello Take 10! (December 18, 2007) New Haven Independent

Fed Up Parents Confront School Leaders (June 22, 2006) New Haven Independent
Schools Showdown (July 10, 2006) New Haven Independent

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