Stay Tuned 2015:  People Empowering People Workshops

2015:  Teach Our Children's and Youth UnleashED "People Empowering People" workshops 

Join Us & Bring a Friend: Parents, Youth, Father Groups, Grandparents, Teen Parents Community Leaders-Lunch, Child Care, Reading Circles, Homework Support... 

Teach Our Children's "People Empowering People" workshops supports a diverse group of emerging parent, student and community leaders working to make positive change in their personal lives, schools, family and in the community. Through parent life skills building and leadership training, our trained facilitators will provide positive lifelong learning experiences and insights into understanding personal and collective power & change. 

What can you expect: 

•Diverse & Engaging RETREAT on Building Strong Communities/ Shaping Future Leaders/ Culture & Community  

•The leadership, Advocacy & Action training workshops 

•10 weeks of hands on WORKSHOPS Place: 129 Church Street Suite 207 Time: every Saturday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (unless otherwise noted)

•Community PROJECTS – a time to put your plan for community change into ACTION

•Graduation –CELEBRATING Your Success  

Budget Accountability

The 2011-2012 NHPS School Budget cuts funds for textbooks by $166,255 leaving only $617,777 to cover nearly 20,000 students or $31 per student per year
The average textbook costs $70-120.
We are not even budgeting enough to update textbooks every 14 years.
We are working to ensure that all students have the materials they need to learn.  

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Accomplishments To Date
Youth UnleashED student and Teach Our Children parents Leaders testified before Connecticut lawmakers regarding college or technical school readiness support for youth

Youth UnleashED visted youth groups in Bridgeport and Hartford for Leadership and Campaign development workshops

Teach Our Children Parent leadership graduated their first class of People Empowering People workshops (framework designed by UCONN)

Teach Our Children Parent leaders are working on the 2010 Parent Empowerment law that states all failing schools in New Haven and Connecticut must implement School Governance Councils or School Planning Management Teams (SPMT)
Launched Teach Our Children and Youth UnleashED "People Empowering People" workshops

Launching 2nd Annual Parent and Youth city-wide listening & learning tour - a social justice movement building initiative


The Citywide Youth Coalition, which includes Youth UnleashED student leaders, promoted a Charter revision to put 2 non-voting student representatives on the Board of Education. Victory occurred on November 5, 2013 when the residents of New Haven voted “Yea” to add language to the duties of the Office of Superintendent to include supporting two student representatives to the New Haven Board of Education and promoting youth leadership within the schools.  As a result, students will be able to participate in the system wide decision-making process. 

Teach Our Children parent leaders in collaboration with the New Haven Board of Education created the first  ever district wide transportation working group which addresses and revises policy and procedures regarding student safety and parent communications

Teach Our Children Parent Leaders took a University of Connecticut People Empowering People facilitators training and are now certified Parent Leadership Development facilitators

Launched a Parent and student city-wide listening & learning tour. This tour also included a special learning event at the Yale Afro-American Cultural Center entitled How Students and Communities Benefit From Equity in College/Career Readiness Standards?

Implemented the development of the People Agenda for Excellent Schools Issues Campaign


  • Hosted a Mayoral Candidates Forum where all four candidates answered questions drafted by parents, students, and teachers..
  • Held a public meeting to address parent and students concerns about NHPS budget priorities that featured Mayor DeStefano as our special guest..


  • Secured an array of improved and expanded translation services for Spanish speaking parents across the district.

Translation Services

  • Got NHPS to translate web page into Spanish.


  • Secured improved discipline and bullying policies for the entire school district.


  • Hosted a standing room only (116 people) public meeting to demand that the Superintendent make concrete improvements to address suspension and discipline.


  • Got the school system to make sure that children can take textbooks home
  • Stopped the Board of Education from passing a policy saying that parents need an appointment to visit their child’s school and that the Board chairman can stop discussion whenever he wants at Board of Ed meetings


  • Began door-to-door neighborhood outreach and outreach outside of schools to speak with parents
  • Held a press conference at Katherine Brennan school to urge the principal to communicate with parents about serious school incidents
  • Conducted a series of parent trainings
  • Teach Our Children was founded and began conducting parents through door to door outreach in January 2006

In 2012 Youth UnleashED joined forces with UNITE HERE Local 217 and other parent and youth leaders throughout New Haven and launched a campaign to bring fresh cooking back to our school kitchens, as well as healthier and more appetizing food for students in New Haven. 

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